Terms of service

In the realm of URL shortening, a tale unfolds,
Where Link-cut.com, its story holds.
With every click, a journey begins,
But first, let's explore the Terms of Use, my friends.

Respect for the Service:
Link-cut.com, a trusted guide,
Requires users to stay on the right side.
No unlawful links or malicious intent,
Let's keep it clean and the rules augment.

Protection of Data:
Your privacy matters, oh dear user,
Link-cut.com is a reliable cruiser.
We safeguard your info, encrypted and secure,
No prying eyes, your confidence we ensure.

Responsible Sharing:
In the realm of sharing, be wise,
Respect others' rights and don't compromise.
No harmful content or spreading of hate,
Let's build a community that's compassionate and great.

Intellectual Property:
Respect creators, their works, and their might,
Link-cut.com values intellectual property rights.
Don't infringe on copyrights, patents, or more,
Let's foster creativity and honor the law's core.

Limitation of Liability:
While we strive to offer a seamless ride,
Link-cut.com holds no liability, side by side.
Use the service at your own risk, we say,
We're here to assist, but you pave the way.

Termination and Changes:
Link-cut.com reserves the right to amend,
The Terms of Use, as needed, my friend.
We'll notify you of any alterations made,
Stay tuned and adapt, let not confusion cascade.

With these Terms of Use, Link-cut.com stands,
A URL shortener in digital lands.
So, embark on this journey, share with grace,
And let Link-cut.com enhance your online space.

Remember, dear users, abide by these lines,
And let Link-cut.com's service truly shine.
Together, we'll create a realm sincere,
Where URL shortening brings joy, not fear.

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